Furniture Rentals

  • Most of our venues come with basic furniture; foldable tables, chairs and any other seating solutions readily available on-site.

  • For basic furniture rental needs, our furniture rental services offer the most budget-friendly rates in the market. Unlike other furniture rental providers, there are no additional delivery fees for the items listed below:

    • ottomans and lounge furniture

    • dining tables & chairs (round/square/rectangle)

    • LED-lit glow-cubes, cocktail tables and bars

    • benches and couches

    • ballroom-style chairs

    • draping and tenting solutions

  • For more enhanced furniture selections with customized designs, materials or aesthetic we also offer a wide variety of selections. Please contact us for further details on your customized requirements.


  • All our event spaces are flexible to host various types of events.

  • Adding decoration elements to event spaces will enhance the experience of your guests, and will set them into the vibe you desire.

  • Our team includes designers with experience in theater, set design, interior and industrial design that will allow your dreams to come to reality.