Drinks & Food

  • In all our venues we can provide bar and food catering with included staffing and equipment. Bartenders, barbacks, cleaning personnel, servers, chefs and kitchen staff, on-site manager, coat check attendants, greeters, doormen, and security are all part of the staffing packages that come with our food and drinks packages. You are also more than welcome to bring outside vendors of your choice.

  • All sorts of catering options are available from very basic to the most sophisticated drinks and food arrangements.

  • For bar catering, we can provide non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks packages. We offer open/cash bar options with various levels of drinks and cocktails selections. Our bartenders with mixology expertise will craft customized cocktails for your events if you desire, and have menus of these specialty drinks displayed at the event.

  • For cocktail or grab & go style food arrangements, we can provide fruit & nuts bars, sandwich stations or bitesize hors d’oeuvres platters. More enhanced food catering options can be added with buffets that include hot/cold/sweet food selections.

  • For sit-down dinners, we can tailor your menu with our chefs for your preferences, or can present sample menu selections to choose from and go from there. Serving staff is arranged depending on the complexity of your setup; standing receptions or self-serve buffets require less kitchen and serving staff whereas sit-down dinners with table service needs more servers.

  • Please indicate your preference on drinks and food catering in your email and we will assist you with various options seamlessly.